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Hunting is the activity of chasing or searching for wild animals or birds with the intention of killing or catching them.

In Africa, Tanzania is the most hunting safari destination for international tourists due to, it has one of the largest population of big game in Africa with so many variety of wildlife than most other countries in the world. For decades until today, hunting safaris are being organized in protected areas such as game reserves and game controlled areas by licensed hunting companies. TAWA is regulating and controlling all activities related to hunting.

Animals to hunt

Tanzania is the place to see spectacular and seemingly endless herds of wildebeest, buffalo and zebra as well as elephants followed by predatory lions, leopards and hyaenas. Its bird life is unique with over 1,000 species; its lakes and rivers abound with fish; and its islands offer some of the best game fishing sites in the world.

It is TAWA’s task to determine the species to hunt according to a census assessment. So TAWA is responsible for assigning quotas for each species yearly in collaboration with a specified committee, scientific researchers and the University of Morogoro.

Where to hunt

More than a quarter (264,600 km²) of Tanzania’s land (945,000 km²) is set aside for wildlife conservation but none of these wilderness areas are fenced and the game is free to move wherever conditions are most attractive. What is more, most of the areas that form the primary hunting concessions are so remote and prestine such that access is only feasible by private air charter.

Top hunting locations in Tanzania


Regulations are connected with TAWA’s conservation strategy. They are set up by the Ministry Of Natural Resources And Tourism and they define e.g. types of weapons and ammunition to be used, prerequisites for application of a hunting permit and the quota for different kinds of animals updated regularly.

When to hunt?

The hunting season in Tanzania begins on July 1st and ends December 31st. These are mainly the dry months although some rain may be expected during November and December.

Licensing and fees

Hunting companies operating in Tanzania have to apply for a license at TAWA. The application is then reviewed and after approval and the payment of the license fees, the license will be issued. The licenses depends on the region and the animals hunted.


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