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Number One Country With More Natural Attractions

Wakanda Safaris

Are you a travel addict or you like enjoy the nature or what adventure can make you feel alive?. If you are the adventurous type of person then we got it covered for you. We will take you to places where you have never been before, like Zanzibar… Zanzibar as a beautiful historical Island surrounded by Indian Ocean can make you forget that there are miserables out there as this Island will leave you with a memorable sea breeze, calm people, oceanic delicious food and many more not to regret.¬†

Have you heard people say “The Roof of Africa” or Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is the highest mountain in Africa and second in the world after Mt. Everest. The mount has an attractive natural park with the cold air stings your cheeks as you witness the beauty of volcano of this¬† incredible sight.

In the greenly Magoroto Forest Estate feel the earth beneath you tremble and thunder as you witness the tropical rain. The estate is located on an altitude of 850m above sea level where temperatures are pleasant all year long. Welcome have a picnic or swim on the beautiful man made lake and explore the dense tropical forest with organic spices and see a completely different world.

Where do you want you destination to be?, Wakanda Safaris can get you there. Book us now


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